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Thanks to an old and secret manuscript found in the Caribbean


From: Mark Schoefer
Subject:  Your new life

Dear Friend,

You might have noticed that unfortunately we’re living in a world of misery, depression and emptiness.

Wherever you look, you only see sad faces walking past on the street, living lives they don’t truly want to live.  It seems that NO ONE is truly happy with their current life.Maybe it’s the terrible financial situation we’re living in, or perhaps, that we don’t really know how to be happy.

While only a handful of people in this world are TRULY joyful, successful and wealthy, the rest are left to sink into a sea of gloom.

They just don’t get those things that they truly deserve (and want, too).

I want to ask you two simple questions (be honest).

    1. Do you feel like this?

    2. Are you feeling frustrated with your current, uneventful life and are you alwayswonderingwhy others seem to have what you DO NOT?

    If so, stay here for a few minutes…

    …and read this important message CAREFULLY.

    Today is going to be a transformation day since I’m going to reveal an ancient, secret manuscript that can unleash the TRUE potential of everyone who truly wants to succeed.

    No exceptions.



    Money (and lots of it) – Everyone wants money but the problem is that few people know how to attract it and most importantly, keep it.
    Wealth – Being surrounded by material possessions that we value can make your life easier, thus making you more joyful.
    Relationships – We are social creatures and being with your soul-mate and lots of friends will create bonds that make us feel protected and accepted.
    Health – This is a basic need and desire of every person because, as the old adage goes,“if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything”!




    I’m completely sure that you’ve read countless guides and books about “The law of attraction” over the years. That’s good because it means you’re determined to finally achieve complete success but there’s a slight problem.

    Most of e-books are surrounded by hype, filler and revolve around “theories that might work”.

    I’m not one to tell you that the law of attraction doesn’t work, because indeed it does. However, it is one thing to teach “theories” on how you can attract success and another to actually SHOW you step-by-step how to do it.

    Can you see the difference?

    I’m not here to overwhelm you with strange ideas that will only confuse you but rather to help you transform your deepest and most closely guarded wishes into reality.

    You’re really close to unlocking the secrets behind the 4 ancient pillars of humanity (money, wealth, relationships and health).

    I’m going to show you something that you’ve never seen before.

    And I want you to be receptive to it.

    Once you apply the techniques shown in this manuscript, your life will radically change and you’ll finally be able to get WHAT YOU WANT from life.

    It’s that powerful!



    You have no clue as to the immense power of what’s about to be offered to you. A few years ago, when I was just like you, I didn’t either.

    Here’s what you have to do next…

    Grab a cup of coffee, sit back comfortably and read each and every word as I tell you the story of how I went from being a desperate soul, to being a wealthy, joyful and fulfilled person.

    And how you can be a completely NEW PERSON starting next week!

    A few years ago I was in the same situation as you’re in right now; overwhelmed, depressed and wondering why I could never have the things that I always wanted to have.

    I was the typical person that was always fantasizing about having millions of dollars at my disposal, luxury cars parked next to a million dollar mansion and several of gorgeous women drooling over me.

    The sad reality was that I was a complete LOSER.

    I was working as a waiter in an old, dusty coffee shop earning minimum wage. I even became embarrassed if I had to take someone home; I had such a small and old flatthat if someone ever visited it they would say that a bum was living there.

    I didn’t even have a single friend!

    I spent countless nights alone in my bedroom reading books and barely going out and even on Fridays and Saturdays, when people are supposed to have a social life, I was staying at home.


    My life was a complete disaster and every time I remember the lonely situation I was in, I still feel the heart ache.

    I just couldn’t understand WHY so many people had everything I wanted and even MORE, while I was miserable and barely getting by.

    I wanted to have a lot of friends and spend unforgettable nights partying with them. I was hoping to someday be wealthy, happy and have a goodlooking wife taking care of me.

    Why life was so difficult?

    I passed through a major depression and I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.



    I had had enough.

    I thought that life was too short to waste it the way I was doing. I felt that it was time to truly make a radical change in my life.

    Deep inside myself I was determined to take all of the necessary steps in order to achieve the things that would *truly* make me happy.

    Clearly, something was not working in my life, so a vacation seemed like a good choice. I had some savings and although it wasn’t a huge amount, it was enough to be able to take a flight somewhere...

    I chose to spend a few weeks in the Caribbean, just to see if I could take in some air and refresh myself. Obviously, I had to take my budget into account and stay in a 2 star hotel because as you might guess, I wasn’t rich.

    I spent a few days walking on the beautiful and inspiring beach of Boca Chica, in Santo Domingo…



    Covered by sand and a few rocks, it was something like a tiny wooden box; it was really old and completely worn away.

    At first, I thought that it was just a piece of junk but that mini-box had such a magnetic power that I just couldn’t let it go.

    I wondered why I was the one to find that box at that moment, because it was a crowded place, full of tourists and someone could have easily found it before I did.

    I tucked it into my bag and took it to my room.

    Driving back to my hotel I started to think about this object. I was really surprised by the turn of events and believe it or not, it was the most exciting thing that had happened in my life for a very LONG time.

    After eating dinner, I decided to have a closer look at that box .After toying with it for a while, it suddenly made a strange sound and immediately opened wide.

    To my surprise, it contained a really tiny hard-cover book that looked VERY old. It could have been perhaps hundreds of years old and I was completely sure that I was the first person to open it in a very long time!

    My heart was pounding rapidly in excitement.

    I had discovered something really interesting and I decided to read the whole thing.

    On the first page of the book was written “THE MANUSCRIPT OF SUCCESS”, in a very old-fashioned font.Apparently, it was written by a man namedWinfred Brady.



    It was AMAZING

    I was completely blown away and thrilled by the information that the book contained and apparently the author knew this stuff.

    When I started to read that book I knew exactly WHY my life wasn’t going in the direction that I wanted it to. I become almost obsessed with reading the manuscript as the secrets that it contained weresomething that I could never have conceived of.

    I remember that I spent over 5 months reading, digesting and applying all of the pillars of humanity. Surprisingly, I started to see unbelievable results in my life.

    I was one of those who always feel skeptical about “esoteric” topics but I almost couldn’t believe (and trust me, I rubbed my eyes more than once) that success was gradually coming to my life.

    Thanks to the secrets of this ancient manuscript I started becoming more confident in myself and the people around me started to NOTICE me and respect me for who I was.

    My influence on others started to grow and so did my circle of friends.



    I was a complete failure when it came to dating women and yet was able to actually engage in a fruitful and fulfilling relationship with a stunning woman that others would kill for!

    My life improved significantly thanks to that strange and powerful manuscriptbut the best was yet to come as, thanks to the secrets of the book, I was able to create a million dollar online business empire!

    Within a short span of time I finally achieved those things I had always wanted but I have to be honest with you.

    When you have nothing and almost suddenly you start to get fame, love, health and wealth you become paranoid that you will lose it all as fast as it came.

    Deep inside I knew that everything would get better thanks to the “manuscript” of success and as long as it was in my power, I shouldn’t worry about anything at all.



    I must confess that at first I was really greedy and I just wanted to keep the manuscript for myself.  In fact, that’s what I did for a few weeks.

    This manuscript has the ability to blind you and cause you to lose your mind if you don’t treat it with the respect it deserves.

    Suddenly a feeling of guilt permeated me and I thought that it wouldn’t be fair for others not to have the success that they want in their lives.

    The best part is that it doesn’t matter what kind of success you’re after, “the manuscript of success” simply works.



    Let me explain that…

    While some people are pursuing money and material possessions, others have enough of those, thus they are after relationships and health.

    The thing is that whether you’re rich or poor, you always want somethingand if you don’t get it, you get frustrated which can lead to depression.

    Today you have the chance to finally achieve ANY goal that you have in mind, whether it is money, health, love or whatever you want.

    Let me repeat that…

    WHATEVER you want.



    When I found “the manuscript of success” I knew that I had to make a copy of it. The original manuscript contained 300 pages.Some chapters even discussed topics such as how you can dominate people with mind tricks (yeah, crazy I know).

    I spent a few weeks copying the contents of the manuscript to a file that was kept hidden for a long time on my hard drive.

    Today, finally, I have decided to reveal it so that everyone can enjoy the TRUE success they deserve!



    “The Manuscript of Success”


    Downloadable 60 page guide containing the secrets that will attract all of the things that you want in your life like a magnet!
    How you can easily attract good fortune to your life so that you can enjoy life the way you have always wanted to!
    How you can make the TRUE law of attraction work for you, while you reap all of the abundance, love and wealth YOU deserve!
    How positive thinking can dramatically change the view of life that you have right now and how it can improve your life almost overnight!
    Discover the secrets behind relationships and how you can make almost ANYONE admire, love and appreciate you for who you really are! (This is really powerful!)
    Change your life by acquiring new psychological techniques and a complete new perspective that will make the entire universe work in YOUR favor.
    How you can destroy 8 negative thinking patterns that are holding you back from the real happiness in your life that you deserve!
    Change the perspective of the past, the future and the present with this immensely powerful ability.You’ll be able to eliminate unnecessary roadblocks that are preventing you from obtaining success that you’re looking for!
    Cultivate the right mindset for financial success! If money is the number one problem in your life, then there’s a whole chapter in this course that will show you the real way to make money (and boatloads of it) just by applying a simple change to your mindset!
    You can become a millionaire by following the simple mind techniques laid out in this fantastic and life-changing course! These are step-by-step techniques that will show you a foolproof way to transform yourself into a millionaire!
    Attract success through creative visualization! Transform almost any thought you have into reality thanks to incredibly effective visualization techniques!
    How you can survive the recession and even create wealth and abundance through it! Bad times are not for everyone and thanks to the secrets revealed you can now survive the recession and take advantage of it to create your own fortune!
    Powerful social strategies that will allow you to dominate your relationships and control them at will! Once you understand a few simple social concepts you instantly will become famous and everyone will ADORE you!
    Enhance your relationships and gain a multitude of friends! How you can persuade and expand your influence to create a fulfilling social life with as many friends as you want!
    Easily manage the anger that’s sucking energy from you! Anger can cause you to lose vital energy that affects your entire life. With these tips you can now channel bad energy and transform it into UNLIMITED beneficial energy!
    Attract the ideal partner to enjoy the rest of your life! You now have the power to attract that special person you have always wanted by your side!
    How you can overcome divorce and breakup! This can be a tough phase in your life and undoubtedly can undermine your confidence.Thanks to “the manuscript of success”, there’s nothing that will stop you from being happy!
    Find TRUE happiness and a healthy body by following some incredibly powerful mental attitudes that will give you the happy and a longlasting life that you always dreamt of!
    Useful stress management that will make your negative energydisappearquickly, so that you can regain the necessary focus to achieve your goals!
    How to deal with the fear of rejection and get rid of it!With these techniques your life will be radically transformed and there won’t be any obstacles in your way to success!



    (Get Instant Access Right Now!)

    60 - Day Money Back Guarantee - Only $37


    You can’t even imagine how “The Manuscript of Success” can help you.

    Unlike other law of attraction e-books that are full of fluff and filler (and hype too!), “The Manuscript of Success”offers the true key to unlock HAPPINESS in your life, in whatever form you desire.

    You won’t find another guide like this as the secrets that it contains were kept hidden from the general public for centuries. Only NOW have they been released, just for you.

    As unbelievable as it sounds, TODAY you can open the door to unlimited wealth, abundance, friends, lovers, health and anything else you desire. You might have heard these bold claims before but this time, I can assure you that what I’m offering here is REAL and FACTUAL.

    A couple of years ago, I was a complete disaster and I don’t know where I’d be today if I didn’t find this old manuscript.

    Look, I’ve read countless guides on the law of attraction and success psychology but the truth is that NONE of them helped me.

    In fact, they pointed me in the wrong direction.

    Here, you have SUCCESS literally handed to you on a silver platter.

    With “The Manuscript of Success” you’ll be able to


    “Reprogram” yourself to attract easily success and almost effortlessly.
    Create abundance at will – as well as incredible and real wealth in your life.
    Find the perfect soul-mate and as many friends as you want!
    Attract HEALTH and enjoy a healthy life!
    Increase your charisma and presence and ALWAYS become the center of attention!



    There’s no need to spend a small fortune on psychologists, useless seminars and “success gurus” as you now will have the only resource you need in order to enjoy the happiness, wealth and abundance you deserve.

    Just for a moment, picture yourself waking up every morning knowing the SECRET of limitless abundance and wealth.

    There are NO limits for you and your potential is HUGE.


    No more money struggles.
    No more rejections.
    No more problems.
    No more misery in your life.


    You have control of your life and you can sit back and relax knowing that at last you made it…

    You can get all of this and even moreand there’s no reason why you can’t. We are all born with the same abilities but the problem is that we sometimes choose not to succeed.

    I know you might feel skeptical.

    Frankly, I don’t blame you.

    With so many charlatans out there it’s becoming more and more difficult to trust people. Fortunately for you, this chance to change your life is a genuine one.

    It’s real.

    It’s true.

    …And now it’s within YOUR reach.


    Human beings are magnets.

    Before reading the manuscript, I never knew this

    The truth is that we attract negative things to our life because we auto-sabotage ourselves. However, with the right tools and the right mindset, we do have the POWER to change our destiny while shaping our life as we please.

    “The Manuscript of Success” will show you how you can accomplish this, and many more things such as…


    Awaken your consciousness for unlimited prosperity.
    Turn thoughts into reality and achieve your goals faster.
    Easily adopt the “millionaire mind” that will attract the wealth you have always wanted!
    Be a magnet for the opposite sex and finally experience the joy of being liked and admired!
    Break the chains that are holding you from a complete and unadulterated happiness
    Turn any visualization into reality.
    Receive the most wonderful gifts in the universe!



    I’m here for one thing and that is to help you to gain control of your life and destiny and to create unimaginable abundance and wealth so that you won’t have to ever worry about your financial situation again.

    Also, the reason why I’m sharing these secrets with you is because I want to open your eyes and show you that SUCCESS and HAPPINESS are attainable.

    You only need the resources and the right guidanceand fortunately for you, you’re covered on that.

    I’m here to make your wildest dreams come true and whether you’re after love, money or even health this manuscript can offer you that and much more.

    It’s like a “genie in a bottle” waiting to grant your wishes. It really is.

    You’re about to be offered the unique and exclusive chance to have access to a secret and ancient life-changing manuscript that has the ability to bring you those things that you secretly want from life.

    How much is that worth? (Be completely honest.)

    The truth is that the price of something of this magnitude should be thousands upon thousands of dollars.

    As I have said before, I didn’t have any intentions of sharing “The Manuscript of Success” with anyone except my family members and friends. However, I know that there are thousands of people in this world that deserve to experience the rush of having it all, without limits.

    Look, I could give this guide away for free.

    The problem with doing that is that we give more value to those things that we pay for. If I were to give you this course for free, you wouldn’t use it at all.

    I’m completely sure about that.

    However, I know that the current economic situation is terrible. People are losing their jobs and prices are increasing dramatically.




    I won’t charge you thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars for this exceptional life-changing opportunity.

    In fact, I’m going to drop the price dramatically, so that you can have access to the revolutionary secrets that changed my life and are now about to change yours.

    “The Manuscript of Success” can be yours for only $37.

    I haven’t gone crazy. Look at this price as an investment that can truly be the difference between living an average life and living the true and exciting life that everybody wants.

    You can enter into aworld of pure, unadulterated bliss, where you can take control of your OWN destiny.



    Here is my 100% Iron-clad, Honest 60 Day (Two Month) Money Back Guarantee.

    I’m removing all of the risk from this transaction for you. You can download, read and apply all of the life-changing information compiled in “The Manuscript of Success” and if for whatever reason or for no reason at all you’re not completely satisfied, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

    No questions will be asked. If you’re not impressed and this doesn’t work for you I don’t want your money.

    This way, you can try all of the wonderful and exclusive techniques that will improve your life dramatically by attracting WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, LOVE AND HEALTH!


    Let’s make this easy. If you want to get your hands on the 54 page downloadable (PDF file) guide, just scroll down a bit and you will see an “add to cart” button.

    Here’s how you can order.


    Yes Mark!

    I want to change my life-style and start living surrounded by abundance, wealth, a rich social life and many more positive things.

    I’m clicking on the “add to cart button” to get INSTANT ACCESS to Manuscript Of Success full of techniques, tips and insider information that will definitely transform my life for the better!

    After I make a payment I will be redirected to a secure and hacker free page where I can download all of the digital material as many times as I want!

    Also, I’m fully aware of the 60 day iron-clad money back guarantee that will ensure that if I’m not happy with my purchase, my money will be refunded,with no questions asked.


    A one-time payment of only $37

    Instant Access even if it’s 3 A.M!

     60 - Day Money Back Guarantee


    Don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.

    Remember that with just a few clicks of your mouse you could be enjoying a life that others would kill for.

    Just imagine yourself with more money and more friends, self-confident, happy and ready to fearlessly set the world on fire! The best part is that deep inside of yourself you know that you have the ability to shape your destiny the way that YOU LIKE.

    No bosses to tell you what to do.

    No frustrations.

    No financial problems.


    You and only you are the owner of your own life!

    If you like the idea of what you’re imagining right now, then you only have to click on that “add to cart” button and I can guarantee you that you won’t regret it.

    You now have two options.


    OPTION #1 Keep on living your uneventful life, struggling with who you are and seeingyour life pass bywith nothing more than mediocrity.

    OPTION #2 Choose the real path that leads to riches, wealth, abundance, fulfilling relationships and endless streams of love &acceptation; a life that you thought was only possible in dreams.


    Which option will you choose?

    I will see you on the inside!

    Here’s to your success.



    PS Remember, you’re backed by a money back guarantee that removes all of the risk from this transaction. Just simply download and read “The Manuscript of Success” and if you’re not satisfied you only have to send me an e-mail and I’ll refund your money IMMEDIATELY.

    PPS If you are still dubious let me tell you that this opportunity will only knock once. I’m not sure for how long I will be leaving this website open to the general public since the information I’m offering is too powerful!

    PPPS Grab a copy NOW and I GUARANTEE that you will never look back. You can be a millionaire, experience endless romances, travel all over the world, be the person you have always wanted to be and so MUCH MORE! You will discover this once you access the guide.

    PPPPS If you have any questions or concerns, you only have to send an e-mail to and I’ll be happy to address them!

    PPPPPS Click on the link below and you will see success coming to save you from all of the pain and frustration that you’re suffering right now. You have the chance to change your present and your future!


    (Your payment is made through secure and encrypted servers)

    For only $37 and 60 - Day Money Back Guarantee





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